Demonstrating the power of fixed wireless 5G

Demonstrating the power of fixed wireless 5G

The Connected team were joined by representatives from North Yorkshire Council-owned broadband company NYnet earlier this month to showcase our latest fixed wireless 5G technology in action.

The event offered the opportunity to provide an overview of the connection procedure and to conduct various speed tests to illustrate the connection speeds available through the 5G masts located in North Yorkshire.

Gathering at a recently built site, hosting the latest 5G technology in Clint, Mark Seward (FWA) and Alasdair MacLeod, Head of Network Improvement, delivered a detailed explanation of the deployment and the equipment.

The team then travelled to locations 3km and 18km away from the mast to demonstrate the seamless connection procedure and witness the speeds available at those distances.

The speed tests conducted demonstrated the reliability of the 5G standalone technology which are redefining what’s possible in rural areas with speeds on the day of 365Mbps at 3km and 280Mbps at 18km.

Working with our technology partner we are developing system improvements to increase speed at distance and are already demonstrating gigbit speeds in our laboratory.

Mark Seward said: “we are leading the way with 5G standalone technology, and we were proud to showcase it to NYnet and demonstrate the speed and reliability it offers in rural North Yorkshire.

“Our new higher gain antenna receives a signal even at ground level and so once installed at height on customer premises, the signal is impressive and will support our engineering teams in the field complete growing numbers of successful installations in the rural communities we serve.”

Alastair Taylor, CEO at NYnet, added: “This new technology will be of real benefit to those residents and businesses in North Yorkshire who don’t yet have Superfast broadband connectivity and will support us as we continue to bridge the divide between urban and rural locations.”

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