Three more Lincolnshire villages move into the fibre fast lane

Homes and businesses in three more Lincolnshire villages now have access to fast, reliable broadband as we continue our full fibre rollout programme.

Tetney, in East Lindsey; Kirton, near Boston; and Barnetby le Wold, close to Brigg; in North Lincolnshire, are the latest communities to be connected. Our fibre broadband delivers speeds of up to 1Gbps, so customers can stream, browse and download without fear of buffering or losing connection. The rollout is part of our commitment to tackling the digital divide which exists between urban and rural areas.

Julian Chalk, Head of Network Enablement and Engagement, said: “Our fibre service is a game-changer for communities which have endured slow, inconsistent broadband for too long. “When some providers talk about fibre, that actually means fibre is connected to a cabinet in your local area, but outdated copper cables carry it to your address.

That severely impacts the speeds and reliability you receive. “Our full fibre broadband comes all the way to your door giving greater reliability and higher speeds.” Almost 4,500 households across Tetney, Kirton and Barnetby le Wold can now be connected to our full fibre broadband.

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